Future Classroom

The five zones are our tools to ensure that the interior will benefit students, teachers and management

1. Dissemination

Det er vigtigt at de studerende føler sig trygge, selv om de kan perform. The dissemination zone must support several forms of  communication, both monological and dialogical situations, as well as presentations of shorter or longer duration. There must be room for larger assemblies, but also possibility for smaller groupings or individual immersion.

2. Development

To create an optimal framework for idea generation in the development zone, the room must inspire to think out of the box. Decorated with furniture that has different shapes and space to organize materials on eg. floors, walls and interactive panels. The virtual learning room in the development zone is characterized by hardware and software that both enable you to be inspired and search for information in the virtual world

3. Immersion

We learn differently and have all different ways to immerse ourselves in tasks. Therefore, in the immersion zone there must be few distracting factors and space for individual immersion zones as well as zones for common reflection and dialogue. Here is the choice of furniture and furniture functionality. There is a big difference if discussions are taken from a chair with a mobile table or in soft furniture where more people can sit close together

4. Production

The production zone is where ideas are realized and worked with technology tools are performed. Starting with the Makerspace way of thinking will The production zone is typically divided into smaller areas, which are highly affected of the latest technologies (such as laser scooters, 3D printers, robots, projectors M. M). and supported by analogue elements eg. furniture, materials for design or creative performances.

5. Feedback

Feedback often takes place on the basis of small and larger presentations in  smaller or larger groups. The room must therefore contain different zones with opportunity for feedback situations: Small and mobile drop-in stations, as well as opportunity for larger group gathering, as you often stay relatively short in this zone. The feedback zone is often chained with the dissemination zone, then The features of both zones often make the same requirements for the physical device

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We had the room, but no ideas how to use it. With fantastic counseling, we now have a well-functioning common space that benefits the community, groups, immersion.

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